Dental Laser


Teet in Medicine Laser

For use in medical field outside the dental laser is known by everyone, in dentistry in the public awareness and applications made by laser treatment has not yet developed enough information.

Laser Treatment of Benefits

Laser dental and oral diseases, their use in the treatment and surgery carries revolutionary for two reasons.

Firstly during use of the laser, the patient’s comfort compared to conventional systems, hygiene and accuracy is much more successful.

The second is that it is much more extensive range of treatments and shorter recovery time can offer the ability to work in a conventional system.

Mouth in the Used Laser Technology

A new era of laser technology in dentistry, it is not any physical contact with the tissue inside the mouth during dental soft tissue procedures katılır.b to actively cutting their operation.

With this system the majority of cases anesthesia (needleless) and is accomplished without creating trauma.

One of the greatest features of this system is to disinfect the region studied.

Conventional systems do not allow it.

Laser Application Advantages

  • Many times in gum treatment by replacing the surgical procedure, the patient avoids the biggest fear of pain and bleeding.
  • Quickly pulpotomy, the pulp extirpasyo channel drain, channel expansion and canal disinfection can be done, even eliminating pulp gangrene therapy is edebilmekrt airports in a single session.
  • an obvious reduction in postoperative pain and swelling than conventional methods, visible in a shorter recovery time will be.
  • cutting of soft tissue lesions, excision / mükemmeldir.hemostatik allows the soft tissue surgery and effective for coagulation incision (astringent) act.
  • Lingual, maxillary and mandibular frenektomi easy, fast, bleeding and can be performed without anesthesia
  • Herpatik (cold sores) lezyonlarv to aphthous ulcers can be effectively treated quickly.
  • It serves to eliminate the sensitivity of sensitive teeth.


Inflammatory Teeth Meat Tissue Therapy :

Dental stone in the pocket in the first session is cleared. Following the flattening process of the root surface at a later session, the laser is applied.

Laser applications gum applicable between 4 and 6 sessions in appropriate doses into the pocket.


Channel Therapy;

  • The rotten and damaged tissue in anesthetized female cleared. Then extract the tooth (nerve) is reached and soft tissue debris is cleared. in the tooth root canal using a laser and freed from the surrounding tissues microorganisms. During the application, lasers, dental treatment and ensures a smooth procedure without damaging the surrounding tissue.Finally, the root canal is filled with specially manufactured agent.