Implant ( Artificial tooth root )


The purpose of all prosthetic treatment needs to be done because of tooth decay or loss, is to mimic natural teeth as possible.

The number of teeth in the mouth decreases, it becomes difficult to achieve this goal.

Also after a long time in the soft tissue and bone changes occurring in the functions it impossible to provide a seamless manner.

Dentures that do not fit the mouth becomes, the longer retention is a modern dental practice in such cases kaybetmiştir.b IMPLANT can benefit from the technology.

Implant Treatment Initial Procedures

Treatment planning often involves pre-operative arrangements. Your dentist will check first of all the teeth and gums; Periodontal (gum) problematic, treatments such as tooth decay goes before the start of the implant about the process.  If you are using If you have general health problems or medications you may need to consult your doctor.

Also muylak detailed medical history before making an implant operation, a panoramic X-ray, various tests (allergy, coagulation, etc.) should be requested.

In cases deemed necessary, computed tomography is required as well.

Implant treatment planning

Full of implants, partial and there are three main groups of indications, including the lack of a single tooth. The number of implants to be applied is determined based on these three indications.

  • One tooth loss
  • Partial tooth loss
  • Total tooth missing



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