Non-Metal Ceramic Crown


 Snow as white as strong as steel



Successful and aesthetic restorative dentistry technology solutions today that can be used easily in both the front and the rear of the teeth suggests a zirconium-based materials; Zirconium mechanical resistance, it apart from other dental materials with biocompatible and fracture resistance.

  • Aesthetic restoration fracture resistance of zirconium is between 900 and 1400 MPa, which shows the strength of the resistance and to provide a remarkable restoration when compared with conventional methods.

  • Metal ceramic in some light (disco, camera flash, etc.). The image of a dark color and space in my mouth as if there verirler.zirkony reacts like natural teeth and had all kinds of light.

  • Zirconium infrastructure used for crown and bridge prostheses, light transmittance with respect to natural tooth structure, creating a very similar aesthetic, opacity and artificiality görülmektedir.b very well done even in metal-porcelain therefore particularly zirconium choice for front teeth.

  • crown-gum level in the dark because there is no metal substructure (purple color) is provided with a line olmaz.dah an aesthetic image.

  • When gum recession, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of zirconium occurs coupled with a poor image in the region where the metal porcelain teeth.

  • Infrastructure used against some metals (nickel, etc.). There is no risk of allergy may occur in zirconium.