Importance of Dental Implants in Smile Aesthetics

From the smile aesthetics perspective, dental implant treatments are very important. Especially for the patients with loss of anterior tooth, implantation gives much better results aesthetically than applying bridge treatments including additional treatments to the neighbor teeth.

Additionally, since cheek collapses might occur in case of posterior tooth loss, planting dental implants on these zones would result in both regaining of tooth and preventing facial and cheek collapses.

Patients who want to avoid gear cutting for their dental treatments would benefit from implantology. Tooth losses could be overcome by placing dental implants and making porcelain crowns on them. Another type of denture prosthesis supported by the backsides of neighbor teeth, so-called ”Maryland” dentures might also applied for loss of anterior teeth. However, this dentures are not preferred because of their disadvantages with regard to stability, relatively high probabilty of falling in short-term. Therefore, avoiding gear cutting and saving original tooth forms is a pretty valid and advanced concept while treating tooth losses.

Natural view would firstly be provided by aesthetically beautiful teeth. Especially cheek depressions related to posterior tooth losses can be cured and the patient’s natural aesthetical view can be regained by a right prosthetic approach. Also in recent times, discolouration, crowding, fractures and other deformations on anterior teeth can be solved by full-porcelain aesthetic crowns in order to provide the most natural view for your smile.


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